Celebrating a Century of Innovation, Solutions & Relationships


In 2022, Stonhard celebrated an extraordinary milestone, its 100-year anniversary. We celebrated the occasion and continue to honor what it means to be Stonhard -- that is, the people who uphold a long tradition of quality and reliability. 


In 1922, a small company had an idea: a patch-and-repair business to help plant managers fix floors and keep factories running -- and the foundation for Stonhard was established. When facility managers began to recognize the value of preventative maintenance, Stonhard said, "We'll do it for you." This turnkey model of taking responsibility for both products and installation became The Stonhard Difference. As time went on, more floor, wall, and lining systems were formulated and teams of salespeople and installers were hired. Stonhard went from a business to a brand; a trusted brand that solved problems for industrial and commercial facilities. 


Few companies can claim a 100-year legacy or the reputation of problem solving it is built on. We remain your trusted partner today, for any space, in any facility, anywhere, around the world.


  • 1922

    Stonhard established by Benjamin Baldwin in Cleveland, Ohio

  • 1926

    Stonhard relocates to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • 1931

    Stonhard Ltd. opens in Canada

  • 1956

    Macrae & Stork families acquire business

  • 1958

    Stonhard launches Stonclad

  • 1962

    Stonhard relocates to Maple Shade, New Jersey

  • 1976

    Facility opens in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

  • 1977

    Stonhard surpasses $10 million in sales

  • 1979

    Mexico office opens in Mexico City

  • 1986

    Europe office opens in Luxembourg

  • 1988

    Flexible packaging introduced

  • 1988

    Stonhard surpasses $50 million in sales

  • 1991

    Stonhard launches Stonchem

  • 1992

    Stonhard surpasses $100 million in sales

  • 1992

    Stonhard launches Epoplex

  • 1993

    RPM International acquires Stonhard

  • 2006

    Stonhard launches the Construction Management Group

  • 2008

    Stonhard surpasses $250 million in sales

  • 2011

    Stonhard launches Liquid Elements

  • 2011

    Stonhard acquires Api

  • 2016

    Office opens in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

  • 2022

    Stonhard celebrates 100th anniversary



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