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Stonhard provides a broad palette of standard colors from cool and clean blues and grays to warm earthy tones to bold reds and textured combinations to inspire industrial and commercial spaces. Matte, glossy, tweeds and solids too. Ask about exclusive color palettes, tailored blends and customized logos.

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Stonhard is a registered AIA Continuing Education (CES) provider and offers accredited technical seminars for architectural, design and engineering firms.

Contact us about our course "Our Resinous Floors & Walls: Applications & Installations"


Other Technical Seminars: 

High performance Coatings & Linings Systems - Course #J50304
Hygienic Design Solutions for Food Preparation & Production Areas - Course #J503555

Contact your Stonhard Architectural/Engineering Representative to schedule other seminars.

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Sustainable Solutions

We're Committed to Sustainability.

Green is nothing new for Stonhard. For over 30 years, Stonhard has been an innovator in sustainable products.

Since June of 2005, through recycling efforts, Stonhard has prevented 92.7% of all returned material, including discontinued and obsolete products from going into the waste stream. Stonhard's unique packaging prevents over 4.8 million one gallon pails and quart cans from being dumped into landfills annually.

For over 10 years, Stonhard's Maple Shade, NJ manufacturing facility has not discharged process waste-water to the local municipal sewer system.


Stonblend GSI-G: Epoxy mortar system that blends recycled glass chips into the surface for a stylized look and a sustainable solution.

Stonclad GR: General service epoxy mortar system that uses recycled material.

Stonclad G2: A four-component, polyurethane mortar system that incorporates post-industrial recycled glass and bio-based materials into its composition.


Due to the health hazards associated with lead and chromium compounds, the lead sulfochromate based yellow pigment has been removed from the production process of our Epoplex line striping paints.


Stonhard has eliminated the use of chromic oxide (a chromium compound) as a green pigment in several Stonhard aggregate products, which has made these products environmentally friendly (non-hazardous).


Over 90% of new product development and reformulation efforts for the past several years have been geared to water-based urethanes or 100% solid epoxy-based chemistry. This effort not only provides safer floor and coating products to both industrial and commercial markets, it also reduces hazardous waste.


Stonhard may help your project become LEED Certified. Click below on LEED Certification Info for more details.


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Stonhard has a dedicated staff solely focused on the architectural/design community. Stonhard's Architectural/Engineering Representatives are located throughout the country and work with architects and designers to create technical specifications that meet performance and construction objectives. Their extensive knowledge of our products as well as the building and design industry is available to you throughout the planning stages of your project.

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