What is Ergonomic Flooring?

Ergonomics in its simplest form is the art of human engineering. For designers, planners and decision-makers, ergonomics is about comfort. A resilient floor, or a floor that offers flexibility under foot, provides far more comfort than many other hard surfaces, such as Polished Concrete or Porcelain Tile. Seamless floors can produce desired design elements and still provide a less rigid flooring alternative.

Benefits of Ergonomic Flooring Systems

People who stand on their feet all day will confirm the value of ergonomic flooring. The goals of ergonomically-designed floors are comfort, physical health, and productivity. Employees cannot perform at optimal levels when they are hurting or uncomfortable. This is why good ergonomic conditions are valued by most employers.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Providing a comfortable and desirable environment for people to work or visit.
  • Sustaining or increasing employee productivity by providing a comfortable environment and reducing standing-related ailments and fatigue.
  • Noise reduction with resilient flooring systems.
  • Saving money on workers' compensation costs or employee absenteeism and turnover.
  • Boosting employee morale and providing a positive visitor experience.

Recommended Industries

Healthcare workers, teachers, retail workers and people in manufacturing environments are standing for a large part, if not all, of their work time. Good ergonomic conditions are important in these industries.

Recommended industries include:

Recommended Products

Whether a resilient or urethane floor better meets your ergonomic needs, our team of Territory Managers, Architectural and Engineering Representatives will assist you in choosing the best product for your environment with the look you desire.

Recommended products include:

  • Stonres - healthcare, education, public spaces, labs, retail environments, hospitality



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