What are High Gloss Floors?

The higher the gloss of a floor, the more light the floor will reflect. A high-gloss floor will appear glossy, shiny and sleek.

Benefits of High-Gloss Floors

Certain industries will prefer a high-gloss floor for particular areas. For certain areas, a sheen look – a glossy, sleek finish – is desired. 

Benefit highlights include:

  • Achieving a dramatic look for your facility
  • Brightening up an area
  • In some cases, high-gloss floors are more durable

Recommended Industries

High-gloss flooring is popular in a variety of industries.

Recommended industries include:

Recommended Products

Our team of Territory Managers, Architectural and Engineering Representatives will assist you in choosing the best high-gloss floor for your environment. High gloss floors do not compromise performance, but lighter colors, like any material, will show dirt more easily. Stonhard offers both matte and gloss flooring systems, along with custom designs and colors.

Recommended products include:

  • Stonclad - industrial food environments
  • Stondeck - parking structures
  • Stonlux - aerospace assembly
  • Stonshield - healthcare and retail environments, entertainment venues
  • Stontec - retail and entertainment venues
  • Stongard - mechanical equipment rooms



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