How to achieve LEED Certification with Stonhard

A long-term solution with a long life cycle – Stonhard flooring systems can be used to rehabilitate an existing building and lessen the need for new facilities. Stonhard flooring systems significantly cut down on job-site waste and our crews can follow any and all on-site disposal plans. Further reduce waste up to 85% through Stonhard’s unique packaging that minimizes metal can waste and has premeasured amounts for ease of mixing and disposal.

Material and Resources

MRc3 - Building Reuse and Construction Waste Management:
Stonhard offers products formulated using recyclable glass aggregate and other post-industrial recyclable content. Our urethanes contain bio-based materials which may contribute to LEED credits.

MRc4 – Materials and Resource Credits:
In partnering with architects and interior designers who seek environmentally-informed information and disclosure of product content, we are pleased to publish our Health Product Declarations (HDPs).

Indoor Environmental Quality

IEQc2 – Low Emitting Materials and CDPH Certification:
Stonhard products meet and exceed VOC requirements for floor coatings. In addition, we have a catalog of CDPH v1.1-2010 certified systems.