Commercial Hygienic Drains by Blücher

Meeting Hygienic Standards in the Food & Beverage Industry

Stonhard is committed to providing the food & beverage industry with the best solutions for meeting hygienic standards. Our seamless, resinous, HACCP-certified flooring systems are designed specifically to do just that, but can we do more? Yes. That's why we partnered with Blücher, a world-leading producer of EHEDG-certified, stainless steel, sanitary drainage systems. Stonhard’s decision to partner with Blücher was a direct result of listening to the needs of our customers and a desire to offer the most complete, hygienic solutions available.

About Blücher Hygienic Drains

Blücher’s all-stainless steel drainage systems ensure excellent flow capacity and optimum hygiene along with minimum maintenance. The only HACCP-certified drain on the market, Blücher HygienicPro® drains stand up to high-temperature disinfecting and are chemical resistant. Stonhard’s seamless, chemical, stain and impact-resistant floors can be pitched for better flow to drains. HygienicPro® drains and channels have been test-verified for capability with Stonhard seamless flooring systems. These floor and drain hygienic solutions are not only compatible, but each increases the lifespan of the other, a perfect marriage of the two products.

Failures in building design can lead to hidden places for harmful bacteria, such as listeria, to grow and cause product contamination. The effects of contamination can be disastrous for food and beverage processors – from product recalls, to revenue loss, brand damage and in worst cases, human illness or death. Stonhard and Blücher are working together to provide the best design and technology to eliminate these potential issues.

Learn About Our Total Hygienic Solution

For our Total Hygienic Solution, combine Stonhard floors, Blücher drains, and PolySto curbs. Watch our video and read about the proven results in our white paper. Free to download below.

Free White Paper Power of 3 Video

Recommended Areas for Blücher Commercial Floor Drains

Food and beverage facilities need heavy-duty protection. Here are a few ideal areas to consider combining seamless floors with Blücher hygienic drains:

  • Food Processing, Beverage Processing
  • Packaging
  • Food Production, Beverage Production
  • Traffic Aisles
  • Meat Packing
  • Bottling Lines
  • Washdown Areas



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