High-Quality Resin Floor Coatings: Complementing Poured Flooring Systems


What is a Resin Floor Coating?

Stonhard resin floor coatings for industrial and commercial applications come in epoxy, urethane, MMA, and vinyl ester formulations. Stonhard coatings are often used in conjunction with Stonhard flooring systems to protect concrete surfaces exposed to abrasive or corrosive environments. Our high-performance coatings are easy to clean and maintain and provide excellent bond strength. Stonhard resin floor coatings are available in varying thicknesses and provide different protective properties such as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and conductivity depending on the intended application.

Applying a resin coating yields a durable and exceptionally tough floor that showcases remarkable mechanical strength. Since it effectively withstands chemicals and abrasion, it is an ideal product for parking decks, warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, and many industrial environments.

Advantages of resin floor coatings include long-lasting shine offered with glossy finishes; exceptional physical and thermal resistance; superior waterproofing; high durability; and top-of-the-line anti-slip properties

Our resin coatings adhere to the floor's natural contours, ensuring a seamless fit. For projects where the floor is uneven, we install a mortar or grout to ensure a flat, uniform surface.



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