Hygienic Wall Protection by Polysto

Meeting Hygienic Standards in the Food & Beverage Industry

Meeting hygienic standards is of vital importance in the food & beverage industry. Without proper protection, heavy traffic and wet floors will damage walls and door passages, leaving a facility vulnerable to bacterial growth, including listeria. Stonhard is committed to providing solutions to food & beverage clients. That is why we became a provider of EHEDG-certified PolySto hygienic curbs. 

How PolySto Protects Food and Beverage Facilities

PolySto, leading producer of hygienic wall protection for the food and beverage industry, manufactures prefabricated, polymer composite curbs to provide wall protection at a higher level than those composed of concrete. When Stonhard seamless floors and PolySto curbs unite, your facility has superior, long-lasting protection against forklift damage, chemical attack and most importantly, bacterial growth. This proven, seamless solution saves you time and money on costly replacement and repairs. Both Stonhard floors and PolySto curbs are chemical resistant, water resistant, and easy to clean.

Meeting Hygienic Standards in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Protection against damage and contamination from water and chemical spills and splashes is a necessity in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical environments are highly sensitive and need to uphold the highest sanitary standards to ensure all processes and products are pure. Stonhard is committed to providing innovative solutions to pharmaceutical customers.

How PolySto Protects Pharmaceutical Facilities

PolySto maximizes technology to create wall systems that protect pharmaceutical environments from water and germ infiltration. There are no cavities behind the skirting boards or curbs, providing a hygienic, rounded transition between floor and curbs. This means there is NO place for germs and bacteria to develop. Joints are finished with a unique, advanced germ-free sanitary sealant and installation is quick and easy. These high-impactsanicoat curb systems are being installed in pharmaceutical facilities throughout the world providing long-term, sanitary wall protection to keep facilities operating effectively, efficiently and safely. Stonhard chemical-resistant, seamless floors and Puraco curbs are a natural fit, giving pharmaceutical plants a long-term, turnkey solution.

Learn About Our Total Hygienic Solution

For our Total Hygienic Solution, combine Stonhard floors, PolySto curbs, and Blücher drains. Watch "The Power of 3" video to learn more. You can also read about the research results behind The Total Hygienic Solution in our white paper. Free to download below.

Free Food & Beverage White Paper PolySto Video

Recommended Areas for PolySto Commercial Wall Protection

Here are a few ideal areas to consider combining seamless floors with PolySto hygienic curbs:

  • Food Processing, Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Food Production, Beverage Production
  • Traffic Aisles
  • Meat Packing
  • Bottling Lines
  • Washdown Areas
  • Chemical Storage
  • Warehouse/Storage
  • Clean Rooms
  • GMP Corridors
  • Laboratories



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