MMA Flooring

Chemical-resistant, methyl methacrylate floors for low-temperature and rapid installation

MMA, or methyl methacrylate, is the ultimate flooring solution for rapid installations in low temperature environments. MMA flooring has numerous properties that have been proven to beneficial in food and beverage and retail industries, including, but not limited to, chemical, slip, and water resistance. From an aesthetic standpoint, MMA floors are available in a variety of colors and finishes that can dramatically enhance the look of your space. Continue reading to learn more information about the benefits of MMA flooring as well as the environment to which they may be suitable.


Benefits of MMA Flooring:

  • Fast Installation:  MMA Floors are ready for normal operations in as little as 1 hour after installation and can be installed faster than most urethane systems (1-2 days including prep), meaning less downtime for your business operations, saved critical path time on new construction projects, and ability to meet important deadlines.  
  • Low VOC: Floor finishes emit volatile organic compounds into the air years after application; however, installing a low-VOC floor, such as MMA, can lessen the amount of dispersed toxins, leading to a more environmentally-friendly flooring solution.
  • LEED Credits: Be rewarded for your decision to choose a sustainable flooring system, such as MMA, with LEED credits. LEED credits provide a framework to create healthy, highly-efficient and cost-saving green buildings.
  • Chemical resistance: Chemical attack can destroy floors quickly. Chemical-resistant MMA flooring systems contain properties that protect these areas from spills and splashes from acids, alkalis, solvents and other corrosive elements.
  • Slip Resistant: Increased traction to reduce slipperiness and protect employees are beneficial reasons to install an MMA floor. Slip-resistant MMA flooring comes in a variety of finishes and textures specifically designed to reduce slippage on the flooring surface. 
  • Extreme Temperatures: Extremely cold areas, such as freezers and coolers, require floors that can stand up to the harsh, low temperatures of the environment. MMA flooring is able to do exactly that while also providing fast cure times in temperatures as low as 0°F.
  • Water Resistant: Brewery and tank room floors are often exposed to liquids that can lead to cracks in the substrate and other potentially harmful occurrences. Save yourself from these costly repairs by installing a water-resistant MMA floor that reduces the penetration of water into the surface and protects from possible damages.


Common Industries that Benefit from MMA Flooring:

  • Hospitality: Hotels and restaurants require physical space for their customers, and a long flooring installation project can result in lost revenue. Minimize this concern with a 1-2 day or night installation.
  • Food Processing: Food and beverage facilities are often exposed to extreme temperatures, making it difficult to install certain flooring types. These issues are not prevalent with MMA flooring which can cure in extreme highs or lows.
  • Retail: Retail floors need to be able to handle heavy foot or wheeled traffic in order to function efficiently. MMA floors are designed to hold up to high traffic while maintaining excellent design aesthetics.
  • Manufacturing: Impact resistance is of the utmost importance when it comes to installing floors in a manufacturing facility. MMA flooring has properties that can stand up to impact caused by forklifts and other heavy machinery.
  • Education: Schools and universities cannot afford downtime for necessary repairs or installations. Prepare for this by choosing an MMA floor that is able to be installed over the weekend or even overnight, so that your students can get back to learning as soon as possible.
  • Sports and Entertainment: To ensure that your guests have the best experience in your stadium or auditorium, make sure they are protected with slip-resistant MMA flooring that reduces potential falls and injuries. MMA flooring also comes in a variety of colors and finishes that fit your design aesthetic. 

MMA Flooring Installation / Precautions:

Stonhard is responsible for manufacturing and installing the materials to provide a finished floor. The details are important for a successful MMA floor installation. The area is inspected prior to installation to determine the right system required for the area and what testing is required. Based on the condition of the slab, use of the space, or age of the building, different tests may be required, such as Calcium Chloride or Relative Humidity testing to determine the moisture content of the slab or contamination. Based on the information found from these tests and on-site visits, the proper preparation procedure is determined. This may include mechanical preparation with media blasting, diamond grinding, and removal by jack hammers and chipping guns. If slabs are determined to be contaminated with oils, de-greasing may be necessary to achieve proper adhesion. Preparation is the most important process to ensure there is a proper bond to the substrate. Installation of the system will vary depending on the specific system (broadcast, mortar, self leveler). The common installation procedures vary from screeding and troweling the material, raking and rolling the material, and broadcasting aggregate. All details, including waterproofing, cove base, penetrations, drains, etc., are discussed prior to installation. These will be handled properly to ensure a good quality MMA floor installation with professionally trained installation teams. 

Cleaning and Maintenance for MMA Flooring:


Seamless MMA floors are known for their easy cleaning and maintenance procedures, however each environment has its own specific requirements and standards to meet. Stonhard Territory Managers work with customers directly to provide the right cleaning solution for the specific environment. In addition, Stonhard's Stonkleen products are tough on dirt and stains, easy to use, sustainable, and formulated to maintain Stonhard seamless flooring systems. 


Stonhard MMA Flooring Products:

• Stonclad SL Xpress: A liquid-rich, self-leveling MMA flooring system that is impact, chemical and abrasion resistant when a quick installation is required.

• Stonclad TR Xpress: A troweled MMA flooring system that exhibits excellent impact, chemical and abrasion resistance. Fast-track installations, tweed design.

• Stonshield Xpress: An MMA resin-based flooring system that offers excellent chemical, wear, and slip resistance and rapid installation time.

• Stontec Xpress: An MMA resin-based flooring system that is chemical, stain, and wear-resistant and available in low-gloss finish. Rapid installation.



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