stonres rtz in florida welcome center public facility

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

There's no mistaking this Welcome Center. Stonhard gives you all the benefits of seamless floors and fulfill your custom requirements. Get creative!

stonclad gs flooring in happy dogs daycare facility

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

Why are the dogs at Happy Dogs daycare so happy? One reason is the easy-to-clean, stain-resistant floors. These floors keep the staff happy too!

stonclad gs in skatepark entertainment facility

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

Color and durability provide a quality experience to skaters and bragging rights for this entertainment venue.

stonres rtz in ymca public lounge

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

This YMCA lounge has design and function. These seamless floors are easy-to-clean and maintain and they're easy to walk on because they're resilient and quiet.

stonclad gs in gorilla habitat of zoo

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

A Zoo's Gorilla Habitat needs to be easy to clean and maintain. Stonclad GS provides the necessary protection.

Products Used:

Stonshield HRI

High-gloss, stain-resistant floors are ideal for high-traffic environments. Keep your museums looking visitor-ready with Stonshield.

Products Used:

Stontec ERF

A decorative stain-resistant flooring system was just what this veterinary hospital needed.

General Commercial Flooring Solutions

Floor solutions come in many sizes. Our commercial epoxy and urethane floors offer multiple performance solutions and design options for diverse applications, such as seamless, slip resistant, easy to maintain floors for commercial kitchens, veterinary clinics, wellness centers, churches and banks. You'll also find textures, finishes, extensive color collections, and free flowing designs to meet your needs.


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Case Studies

Madison Square Garden

Stonclad GS

Stonclad UR

Stongard TM

Stonshield SLT

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Stonshield UTS

Baker Hughes

Stonclad GS

Sportsplex Arena

Stondeck FD4

Samaritan Center

Stongard MD



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