stonclad ht flooring in aerospace manufacturing facility

Products Used:

Stonclad HT

A traffic aisle in an aerospace manufacturing company needs a flooring system that provides extraordinary performance under the most demanding conditions. This ultra-corrosion resistant epoxy mortar system works hard in a hard-working environment.

Products Used:

Stonshield SLT

Stonshield SLT for textured, easy-to-clean, decorative floors. Perfect for light manufacturing.

Products Used:

Stongard MR

Seen here, an engine room in a manufacturing facility. Stongard MR flooring provides protection from water damage and is durable and easy to clean.

Factory and General Manufacturing Flooring Solutions

When you require pure performance, we have the floors that deliver. Our seamless, impact, chemical, abrasion-resistant floors do the work of ten floors for manufacturing environments whether they're processing, packaging, warehouses, traffic aisles, battery storage or others. Big-picture solutions, long-term protection.  Click here to watch our video on manufacturing floor solutions.


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Case Studies

Skincare Manufacturer

Stonclad UT

Stonclad UR

SPS Technologies

Stonclad HT

Stonclad GS

JR Simplot

Stonclad UR

Stonclad XPRESS

Stonclad HT

Stonchem 400

General Dynamics

Stonclad GS

EcoLab Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Stonclad GS

Stonglaze VSR

Stonglaze VSD



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