Stadium Flooring Solutions

Sports and Entertainment venues face many unique challenges when it comes to flooring systems, including heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning, safety concerns, and impact from machinery like cranes, forklifts, and more. Stondhard's stadium flooring solutions bring easy-to-clean and slip-resistant surfaces to sports an entertainment venues around the globe. Whether it's crowded concourses and bowls, busy food service areas, or energetic locker rooms, we have seamless epoxy, urethane and MMA flooring solutions that stand up to non-stop traffic, spills, stains and heavy equipment too. 

Stadium Solutions

Products Used:

Stonclad GS, Stonclad UR, Stongard TM, Stonshield SLT

Stonhard transformed Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena, with high-performance epoxy and urethane flooring solutions from the lower bowl to the upper bowl, to concessions, corridors, and more.

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum required contemporary floors to meet its design standards and stand up to heavy foot traffic at the same time. Enter Stonhard. Stonres RTZ complements the museum's dramatic design while providing exceptional acoustics, comfort underfoot, and easy-to-clean, impact-resistant surfaces.

Products Used:

Stontec ERF

Entertainment venues like stadiums need floors that look great, are easy to clean, provide slip resistance, and last for many years. That's why this busy racetrack chose a Stontec flooring system.

Products Used:

Stongard TM

College stadiums are full of excitement and activity, but with every game, floors are exposed to wear and tear, spills, and more. Stonhard is the expert in arena flooring -- from formulation to installation.

Products Used:

Stonres SYN

Stonres SYN is the long-lasting solution for stadium decking. UV resistant, water resistant, and ergonomic -- the fans will love it and so will you!

Products Used:

Stonclad GS, Stonclad UR

Seamless, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant Stonclad GS replaced worn quarry tile that couldn't stand up to the demands of this arena's kitchen and concession area.

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

Stain resistant, chemical resistant, easy to clean, and long lasting. Arena flooring you can count on from Stonhard.


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Case Studies

Madison Square Garden

Stonclad GS

Stonclad UR

Stongard TM

Stonshield SLT

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Stonshield UTS

Sportsplex Arena

Stondeck FD4



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