What are Seamless Floors?

Seamless floors are floors without seams, ridges, or joints. They are poured-in-place epoxy, urethane, or methyl methacrylate formulations and they become a natural part of a building’s very structure. You may also hear this type of flooring referred to as weldless.

Benefits of Seamless Floors

There are many advantages of seamless floors. Seamless floors are preferred in many commercial and industrial environments due to their vast range of benefits.

Benefit highlights include:

  • High performing qualities like impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • A surface that is easy to clean.
  • A safer surface -- no joints or ridges offer numerous benefits related to foot traffic, rolling equipment, bacterial growth, and more.
  • Environmental considerations -- seamless floors do not end up in landfills and can incorporate recycled or renewable content.
  • A smooth surface for a better work process -- think of a hospital corridor where patients are being wheeled on gurneys or a manufacturing plant where forklifts and equipment are driving up and down busy traffic aisles.
  • Design. As a design element, seamless floors produce a clean, sleek look that is highly-coveted in commercial environments.

Recommended Industries

Every industry can benefit from seamless flooring, both commercial and industrial. Seamless floors work in every space and have the properties to deliver protection with a look you desire.

Recommended industries include:

  • Aerospace - assembly lines, battery rooms, blast facilities, control rooms, hangars, labs, service bays and more
  • Food & Beverage - bakeries, breweries, bottling lines, freezers, dairies, loading docks, mixing areas, packaging areas and more
  • Healthcare - ERs, morgues, nurses stations, patient rooms, lobbies, corridors, atriums, laboratories and more
  • Pharmaceutical-Biotechnology - vivariums, autoclaves, biosafety labs, chemical containment, processing areas and more
  • Water-Wastewater - headworks, disinfection areas, loading docks, filter tanks/clear wells, sludge dewatering floors and more
  • Chemical-Mining - bulk storage areas, containment areas/tank farms, processing areas, packaging areas, refineries and more
  • Hospitality - restaurants, bars, retail shops, kitchens, reception areas, cafeterias, pool decks and more
  • Education - classrooms, cafeterias, restrooms, locker rooms, laboratories, libraries, bike paths and more
  • Technology - data centers, inspection labs, fan decks, waffle slabs, air plenums, assembly areas and more
  • General Manufacturing - assembly lines, battery rooms, control rooms, data centers, locker rooms, traffic aisles and more
  • Government - aircraft hangars, barracks, commissaries, firehouses, holding cells, munition areas, offices and more
  • Retail Environments - bakeries, deli areas, coolers, kitchens, retail shops, storage areas, restrooms, food prep areas and more
  • Transportation - train platforms, baggage handling areas, battery rooms, bus terminals, hangars, service bays and more
  • Office Buildings-Building Management - cafeterias, break rooms, retail shops, offices, restrooms, lobbies, mechanical rooms, parking garages and more
  • Auto Dealerships-Auto Repair - showrooms, service bays, offices, restrooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, storage areas, parking lots and more
  • Auto Manufacturing - assembly lines, manufacturing areas, processing areas, mechanical rooms, offices, test areas and more
  • General Commercial - lobbies, waiting rooms, seating areas, cafeterias, service areas, pool decks, gyms, laundry rooms, churches and more
  • Distribution-Logistics - Warehouses, loading docks, processing areas, offices, restrooms, mechanical rooms, storage areas and more
  • Cannabis - dry rooms, extraction rooms, grow rooms, flower rooms, trim/packaging, shipping/receiving, laboratories, reception areas, bathrooms

Recommended Products

Our team of Territory Managers, Architectural and Engineering Representatives will assist you in finding the best floor for your environment. Stonhard seamless floors are offered in endless colors and finishes, including custom colors and logos.

Recommended products include:

  • Stonclad - serious protection for heavy-duty environments
  • Stonshield - safe, easy to clean, with aesthetic appeal and design flexibility
  • Stonblend - stain and wear resistant with sophisticated patterns and color blends
  • Stonres - resilient, ergonomic, noise-reducing with distinctive design capabilities for public spaces
  • Stontec - a dense, stain-resistant flake system with an extensive range of finishes and color options
  • Stoncrete - decorative epoxy flooring for commercial spaces, schools, and more...a step up from polished concrete.
  • Stonlux - ultra-smooth, chemical and impact-resistant formulation for areas requiring static control
  • Stongard - Slip, abrasion and crack resistant for mechanical equipment rooms
  • Stondeck - high-performance solutions for parking decks, garages, and high-traffic pedestrian applications
  • Stonchem - chemical-resistant epoxy flooring for ultra-corrosive environments. Stonchem also has high-performance lining protection



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