Products Used:

Stonres STR

Surgeons and healthcare professionals who are on their feet all day need a flooring solution to support them. Stonres STR combines ergonomic comfort and noise reduction with easy-to-clean, impact-resistant properties. Available in standard or custom colors, this is the upgrade all operating rooms need.

stongard tm flooring on hospital helipad

Products Used:

Stondeck FD4

This hospital helipad stands up to harsh elements like sun, salt, and corrosive fluids. It's also slip, abrasion and crack resistant.

stonres rtz flooring in hospital operating room

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

Hospital operating rooms require flooring that support their infection control programs but also support the staff that works on them. Stonres RTZ, an ergonomic, resilient, and noise-reducing weldless, poured-in-place flooring system does it all.

Products Used:

Stonglaze VSF

Medical centers benefit from seamless wall protection that is splash and stain-resistant. Stonglaze systems work in conjunction with Stonhard floor systems to optimize hygiene in your facility.

stonres rtz flooring in hospital

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

Hospitals are stressful places and they used to look cold and sterile. With Stonres RTZ, healthcare designers can have the patterns they desire and choose from a wide-range of colors or request a custom color. Staff and patients will still benefit from easy-to-clean, quiet, resilient floors.

Healthcare and Medical Flooring Systems

There is no compromising when it comes to infection control. Flooring for hospitals and medical centers must be part of infection control practices and must be highly durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. Stonhard's commercial epoxy and urethane-based flooring systems are perfect for hospitals and medical centers, serving a range of needs and functions. Our healthcare flooring options are suited for hallways, waiting areas, operating rooms, trauma centers, parking decks, kitchens and much more. In addition to cleanliness and durability, your floor should also create a warm, comforting environment for your patients. That's why Stonhard offers a wide array of color options for your flooring system.

Top Flooring Requirements for Healthcare Facilities


Fire Safety: Floor finishes must comply with local regulations related to fire safety.


Maneuverability: Floor finishes should make the movement of objects such as trolleys and wheelchairs sufficiently easy.


OH&S Issues: In areas where staff must stand for long periods of time, ergonomic finishes should be chosen to minimize staff fatigue.


Easy to Clean: Floor finishes should be resistant to wear, easy to maintain and clean, and resistant to chemical cleaners.


Anti-Microbial: Flooring should support hygiene and infection control programs by eliminating spaces and seams where bacteria can harbor and grow.


Slip Resistance: Selection of floor finishes should consider the slip resistance suitable for the specific location and types of foot traffic.


Wear Resistant: Due to the high volume of foot traffic in a healthcare facility, it's important to consider flooring that can withstand it.


Noise Reducing: Providing noise-reducing flooring is a must for ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for staff and patients.


Common Installation Areas


- Rehab Facilities

- Cafeterias & Kitchens

- Corridors

- Dining Rooms

- Emergency Rooms

- Operating Rooms

- Pre-operating Rooms

- Dentist's Offices

- Doctor's Offices

- Post-Op Recovery Spaces


- Laundry Rooms

- Lobbies

- Nurses Stations

- Patient Rooms

- Clinical Areas


Recommended Solutions for Healthcare


Stonres RTZ and Stonres RTZ-2 - resilient urethane flooring systems that are easy to clean, impact and stain resistant while providing exceptional acoustic efficiency and ergonomic comfort. Available in progressive design options.


Stonres STR - a high-performance, resilient urethane flooring system that provides stain resistance and comfort underfoot.


Stonclad GS - a troweled, epoxy mortar system that is extremely durable and impact resistant and stands up to abrasion, wear, and chemicals.


Stonclad UT - a high-impact-resistant polyurethane mortar system that provides excellent protection against abrasion, thermal shock, thermal cycling and chemicals.


Stonshield HRI - a durable, impact-resistant flooring system that is textured for slip-resistance and available in multiple decorative color quartz design options.



Healthcare Resources

Health Facility Guidelines

US Green Building Council LEED for Healthcare


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Case Studies

Trauma Center Hospital

Stonres RTZ

Stonres STR

Longmont United Hospital

Stonres RTZ

Stonclad GS

Children's Hospital

Stonclad UT

Stonres RTZ

Naval Medical Center San Diego

Stontec TRF

Stonshield ESD

Huntsville Hospital

Stonres RTZ

District 9 Medical Examiner's Office

Stonblend GSI-G

Stontec TRF

Fusion Solutions

Stontec TRF

Stonclad GS

VA Medical Center

Stonres RTZ

Stonclad GS



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