About Liquid Elements

Stonhard's brand, Liquid Elements Artfully Poured Floors, uses cutting-edge technology to produce both decorative and high-performing floors. With artistic finishes that make a statement about your brand, Liquid Elements floors are highly customizeable, tailored to your imagination. Enhance your brand and customer experience with unique, seamless floors that are durable and ergonomic, utilizing the same trusted technology of Stonhard floors. 


Exclusive Decorative Options:

  • Custom polymer floors: Capture - your imagination guides the style. Choose custom materials such as record albums, seashells, bottle caps, or sports tickets, or anything that suits your brand to embed in your flooring for a one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • Metallic epoxy floors: Reflect - Coppers, golds, silvers, and mixed metals swirled into a high-gloss polish to offer a bright, handcrafted appearance.
  • Epoxy aggregate floors - Crush - combine your epoxy floor with tumbled marble and other natural aggregates in a glossy surface.
  • Self-leveling floors: Smooth - resilient, easy-to-maintain, luxurious, contemporary. Available in one-dimensional color or two-dimensional blend.
  • Glitter floors: Glitz - sparkly and exciting high-gloss floors that glimmer and reflect color at every angle while standing up to the high-traffic in busy commercial spaces.
  • High-end urban floors:  Polished - decorative stains combined with quartz aggregate for a slightly textured surface. If you like stained concrete, you'll love Polished because it's easier to maintain and comfortable underfoot.


Common Applications:

Liquid Elements is the perfect way to create a memorable experience for visitors in nearly any commercial location. We regularly cater to:


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