• Message to AD&E Community

    Message to AD&E Community

    Stonhard proudly serves the architect, design, and engineer community.

  • Pet Food & Treat Facilities

    Pet Food & Treat Facilities

    Stonhard has safe, sanitary floors for pet food and treat manufacturing facilities.

  • We Install on Your Schedule

    We Install on Your Schedule

    Winter shutdown? Perfect for installing floors. We work on your schedule.

  • Auto Dealer Service Areas

    Auto Dealer Service Areas

    Installation inside a Mercedes-Benz service garage

  • The Right Floors For You

    The Right Floors For You

    Seamless floors with beautiful designs for any commercial setting.

  • Stadium Floor Solutions

    Stadium Floor Solutions

    We deliver floor solutions to stadiums, any area, anywhere around the world.

  • Why Stonclad UF?

    Why Stonclad UF?

    A New Option for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

  • Auto Dealership Solutions

    Auto Dealership Solutions

    Cutting-edge floor design and performance for auto shops & showrooms



    An inside look at how Stonhard ERF epoxy flooring is installed.

  • Floors for Healthcare Spaces

    Floors for Healthcare Spaces

    Stonhard formulates floors to support healthcare workers and their patients.

  • Floors For Factory Spaces

    Floors For Factory Spaces

    Stonhard has formulated solutions and expert installation for any factory space.

  • Stonhard: 100 Years of Us

    Stonhard: 100 Years of Us

    Celebrating a century of innovation, solutions & relationships!

  • FE: Strength & Design

    FE: Strength & Design

    Stonhard FE systems combine industrial strength with smooth commercial design.

  • High-Traffic Spaces

    High-Traffic Spaces

    Commercial spaces need flooring solutions that stand up to unending foot traffic.

  • 5 Questions To Ask

    5 Questions To Ask

    The questions you really need to ask!

  • UV-Resistant Flooring

    UV-Resistant Flooring

    UV-resistant flooring keeps your floors looking the way they were intended.

  • We've Got Your Floor Color!

    We've Got Your Floor Color!

    Colors, finishes, and textures for all your commercial spaces.

  • Space-Changing Floors

    Space-Changing Floors

    What type of flooring works for you?

  • Machine Shop Installation

    Machine Shop Installation

    Proper preparation is the key to a long lasting floor.

  • Safety: Walk the Line

    Safety: Walk the Line

    See how Stonhard floors create a safer environment in industrial spaces.

  • Flooring For Your Workforce

    Flooring For Your Workforce

    The right flooring can benefit your employees’ morale!

  • Brewery Flooring Solutions

    Brewery Flooring Solutions

    Your brewery floor and its installation should meet your unique needs.

  • Brilliant Floors

    Brilliant Floors

    Resinous, seamless floors deliver performance and design.

  • Testimonial: Manufacturer

    Testimonial: Manufacturer

    Case Studio: Why BHS chooses Stonhard epoxy mortar floors for battery rooms

  • Stonclad UT Installation

    Stonclad UT Installation

    Learn about our seamless flooring installation and single-source warranty.



    Stonhard is committed to clean air and healthy products.

  • Top 5 Flooring for Pharma

    Top 5 Flooring for Pharma

    We formulate floors for specific conditions in your pharmaceutical facility.

  • Best Floors for Food Plants

    Best Floors for Food Plants

    Check it off your list! Find the right solution for your food processing facility.



    From one manufacturer to another, we understand your needs.

  • The Customer Experience

    The Customer Experience

    The Stonhard Difference since 1922!

  • Stonhard for Hospitals

    Stonhard for Hospitals

    Safer, cleaner, stronger floors for hospitals

  • Try our Color Visualizer!

    Try our Color Visualizer!

    A virtual flooring experience featuring you at the color wheel!

  • NEW for commercial spaces!

    NEW for commercial spaces!

    More design options from the popular Stonres RTZ family!

  • Animal Facility Flooring

    Animal Facility Flooring

    Seamless & easy to clean. Scratch and slip resistant. Floors that will last.

  • NEW! Stoncrete EFX

    NEW! Stoncrete EFX

    Love the Look of Polished Concrete? You'll Love this Even More!

  • Join Us

    Join Us

    What our installation partners already know

  • Stonshield HRI Installation

    Stonshield HRI Installation

    Watch an installation of Stonshield HRI.

  • Stonhard Mobile App

    Stonhard Mobile App

    Introducing the Stonhard mobile app! Product data, color visualizer and more!

  • Cold Room Flooring

    Cold Room Flooring

    We are experts in cold room flooring chemistries and installation.

  • Food & Beverage Solutions

    Food & Beverage Solutions

    Combating challenges faced by food & beverage facilities.

  • Relationships Matter

    Relationships Matter

    For nearly a century, and in the toughest times, we're here for you.

  • Why Seamless Means Hygienic

    Why Seamless Means Hygienic

    When striving to create a hygienic facility, your flooring choice matters.

  • The Total Hygienic Solution

    The Total Hygienic Solution

    With the "Power of 3" we protect your food & beverage facility from Listeria and more!



    Stonhard's Liquid Elements makes a splash at Campari America

  • Food Safe Floors & Walls

    Food Safe Floors & Walls

    Get total hygienic turnkey solutions for your food & beverage facility needs.

  • Sustainable with Stonhard

    Sustainable with Stonhard

    See how Stonhard can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Floors for the Food Industry

    Floors for the Food Industry

    Why are troweled, urethane mortar floors best for food environments? Find out here!

  • The Stonhard Difference

    The Stonhard Difference

    65 countries. 5 continents. Floors for every environment.

  • School Flooring Solutions

    School Flooring Solutions

    We meet flooring challenges for any areas in schools and universities.

  • Hygienic Curbs

    Hygienic Curbs

    Hygienic curbs and seamless floors, the ultimate solution for Food & Beverage.

  • COVID-19 Field Hospital

    COVID-19 Field Hospital

    Stonhard responds: Helping the Heroes.



    ESD flooring with superior performance! Watch our brief video!

  • Stonhard on the Front Lines

    Stonhard on the Front Lines

    Our employees on the front lines, safely delivering quality products and services.

  • Durability and Design

    Durability and Design

    Industrial flooring performance, commercial flooring options for great design.

  • Find Your Place to Shine

    Find Your Place to Shine

    Looking for a job or a place to shine? Learn about joining the Stonhard team!

  • Floors for Every Market

    Floors for Every Market

    Stonhard has the right floor for every environment. Commercial or industrial.

  • Hygienic Floors

    Hygienic Floors

    Learn about anti-microbial solutions for an even cleaner floor.

  • The Seamless Solution

    The Seamless Solution

    In corridors or any space, our poured-in-place floors are attractive and long lasting.



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