What is Slip-Resistant Flooring?

Slip-resistant flooring is flooring designed with material properties to help reduce slipperiness and increase traction. Extremely critical to protecting employees, customers, and visitors in both industrial and commercial facilities, slip-resistant flooring comes in a variety of finishes and textures specifically designed to reduce slippage on the flooring surface.

Benefits of Slip-Resistant Flooring

Slip-resistant flooring protects against hazardous conditions in your facility where liquids or other materials may come in contact with the floor causing people to slip. Textured, slip-resistant flooring reduce the risk of these events, keeping your facility safer from potential injury or accidents.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Preventing slip-and-fall accidents which cause employees or visitors physical and/or emotional trauma
  • Preventing financial loss (e.g. liability payouts, legal fees, an increase to insurance premiums, increased administrative costs) related to the medical expenses of an injured person or lost work time of an employee

Recommended Industries

Nearly all industries benefit from the installation of slip-resistant flooring. In fact, most facilities require it. 

Recommended industries include:

  • Hospitality - commercial kitchens, restaurants, bars, hotels, pool decks
  • Retail Environments - grocery stores to home improvement stores to gift shops and beyond
  • Healthcare - hospitals, medical centers, labs, helipads and more
  • Education - K-12 school and college hallways, cafeterias, locker rooms, bathrooms
  • Office Buildings-Building Management - lobbies, corporate cafeterias, parking garages
  • General Manufacturing - processing, packaging, traffic aisles, warehouses
  • Cannabis - shipping/receiving, trim/packaging, grow rooms, flower rooms, extraction rooms, bathrooms

Recommended Products

Our team of Territory Managers, Architectural and Engineering Representatives will assist you in finding the right slip-resistant floor to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your industry or space, Stonhard will install a slip-resistant floor with the look you want (infinite design possibilities and the ability to customize and optimize colors, patterns, and finishes) and the high performance you require.

Recommended products include:

This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user/owner of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use, including what slip resistance is best suited for its environment.



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